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Crescent Couture Matboard Collection

//Crescent Couture Matboard Collection

Crescent Couture Matboard Collection

We are happy to announce that Image & Frame now carries Crescent’s Couture Matboard collection.

Looking for something unique to make your artwork stand out? The Couture collection features spun and leafed metals; woven and textured surfaces; and hand-finished patinas that will complement your imagery while making an original statement. Each board is an artisan creation and features a 100% RagMat® core and backing that is acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered to an alkaline pH, so you can be sure your artwork is protected while being displayed to beautiful effect. The Couture collection comes in six designs:


These hand-leafed matboards feature luxurious, shimmering composition gold and silver surfaces accented with black veining. Marry the traditional and contemporary for a beautiful new look.



leather1311Crushed Leather
Add depth and color to your framing composition with a Crushed Leather matboard. Reminiscent of naturally worn leather rich with patina, these versatile finishes are rugged yet refined. The surface is hand-painted and available in Mahogany or Russet.


molten1310Molten Metals
Reminiscent of shimmering metals, these matboards feature versatile finishes that complement your artwork. Each board is hand-painted in one of four colors: Molten Gold, Urban Gray, Silver Birch, or Aged Copper.


A light shimmer and the texture of polished stones combine to form this stunning design. Enhance your artwork with added visual interest with this unique matboard, available in Grey or Black.


spun1300bSpun Metals
With the look of delicate metallic threads, this matboard features a distinctive yet subtle pattern. Complements many artistic styles and is available in Spun Tungsten and Spun Platinum.



yin1303bYin and Yang
A modern spin on a traditional woven surface, the Yin and Yang matboard pairs beautifully with photography, watercolors, Asian-themed art, and more. These handcrafted boards are available in Silver Jute, featuring a brown fiber woven over silver leaf, and Black Lacquer, a dark gray weave over a shiny black surface.

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